Riverton Insurance Agency

Through the SCORE program, I was introduced to the Riverton Insurance Agency which was looking to venture into online course offerings which met professional association standards. While this work content is privileged, I have included small samples of the course taken out of context to provide a sampling of the type of work I can provide in Storyline 360.

  • Responsibilities: Instructional Designer, Learning Architect, Project Manager

  • Target Audience: Architects and Design Professionals 

  • Tools: Storyline 360, Vyond 

  • Budget: low

  • Year2021

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Screenshot 2022-05-30 200607.png
Screenshot 2022-05-30 200814.png
Screenshot 2022-05-30 200529.png
Screenshot 2022-05-30 200731.png

As my first project as a freelance instructional designer, I enjoyed the creative freedom and trust provided by the client. I was able to use new features like animation which were used to mimic everyday scenarios or simulated environments. While I had material provided by the client, this project allowed me to demonstrate my creativity and familiarity with Storyline. While all parts of the project are not discloused as well as project specifics, this sample demonstrates my early capabilities.