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Breast Cancer Awareness Course

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Breast Cancer impacts millions of people whether as victims of the disease or as caretakers for those suffering. Like those people, I can not say I am immune to the impact. As a family member of someone diagnosed, I went down the search engine rabbit hole trying to find all the information I could read. That lead me to read multiple studies, articles, and other sources of information and put my findings together in one place. Being an instructional designer, my one place was an eLearning lesson. This lesson aims to provide clarity for those struggling with a new diagnosis or to support family members of those suffering. In a way, this project blends my personal and professional lives. 

  • Responsibilities: Instructional Designer, Learning Architect, Project Manager

  • Target Audience: People affected by a breast cancer diagnosis 

  • Tools: Storyline 360

  • Budget: low

  • Year2021


As a family member affected by a breast cancer diagnosis, it was imperative that I understand information critical for understanding and treating this disease as well as develop my skills in Storyline 360. I wanted my online course to feel modern and relevant with a focus to be an audience in their early adult lives. It was important to me that my design felt optimistic, hopeful, and inviting. I wanted soft shapes as well as a visual juxtaposition between the graphite-colored picture overlays and the bright white text. The color pink was used as it is the official ribbon color of breast cancer. The off-yellow directional icons provided visual continuity to the "next" button as well its position in the lower right hand of the screen. 

While design played a role in this eLearning presentation, the real focus was on the content itself. I wanted the content to be dense with information but easily navigated. I also wanted the focus to be on the science of this disease and spent many slides presenting the technical terminology.  

Screenshot 2022-03-05 105050.png
Screenshot 2022-03-05 105130.png

Designing the Lesson

I began this process by creating a Mind Map of how I wanted my information to be structured. From this map, I designed the project around a central menu hub. This hub would allow users to choose their own pathway when navigating this course thus giving more ownership to learning. I also wanted to link all navigation back to this central hub and make sure that the information and design went hand in hand together. I wanted clean fonts that were modern and easy to read as well as photographs that featured women as this is group of people is statistically more inclined to get breast cancer. I used photographs depicting all types of women and added in checks for understanding in the form of clickable statements that said, "Did you know?."  

Since this lesson is for the general public and is not needed for credentaling or other services, this lesson was written without test questions. Had it been needed for a school or health services department questions could have been added to assess retention of material. In that case I would have saved the questions in a SCROM format or XAPI (tin carn) format. 

Screenshot 2022-03-05 180111.png
Screenshot 2022-03-05 175853.png


This project was my first full project in Storyline not for a client which meant that I had full artistic and creative freedom. In that vein I wanted the project to have a slight artistic bend and something more modern yet approachable and hopeful. In my work, I want to champion the art and design as equally as I champion the content being presented. This project I feel was a great marriage between both content and design. In the future I would like to explore the design as equally and content and look a new ways to marry the both. 

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