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Katharine "Kate" Johnston

Raised in Santa Clarita, CA, Kate attended Florida State University obtaining a degree in Humanities in 2010. From there Kate went on to try careers in retail but ultimately decided to pursue becoming a teacher in elementary education. From 2011-2013 Kate obtained her teaching credentials in Elementary, Middle, and High School Education while maintaining a 4.0 and working full time in schools as a paraprofessional. In 2013 Kate joined the faculty of Pinetree Community School in Canyon Country, CA. Teaching 3rd grade in an 80/20 job share, Kate developed her practice substituting on days she did not teach her class. That experience allowed Kate to teach a variety of grades and hone her classroom management skills. 

In 2014, Kate took a risk and moved to Atlanta, Georgia knowing only a few people there from her days at Florida State. She started teaching at Medlock Bridge Elementary School as one of the school's Humanities teachers in 4th grade. In this position, she developed her craft and skill set working with all students. Kate was lucky enough to continue her professional development in the area of using technology in the classroom and enjoyed using technology in the classroom on a regular basis. She saw the way in which learners could have different experiences with technology but still acquire and practice the necessary skills of the general lesson. Continuing her practice, Kate continued to work in fourth grade at High Point Elementary. Here she learned the fundamentals of the International Baccalaureate program and developed units of study using the Primary Years Programme framework. Working in this Title 1 school, Kate used her knowledge in technology to support students acquiring English as well as foster gifted learning looking to expand their depth of knowledge. 

In her second year at High Point Elementary School, Kate decided it was time to pursue her Master's Degree. Kate enrolled at Kennesaw State University in the Educational Leadership for Independent and Charter Schools seeing a need for developing administrators to meet the needs of the modern student. Her drive and commitment to developing adults helped her become grade-level chair that same year. Kate had an opportunity later that year to join the faculty at The Lovett School and did so the subsequent year. While working as a teacher, Kate got introduced to the field of Instructional Design- a field that married her two passions, adult learning, and technology. It was something that she knew she had to continue to learn about and pursue over the conventional route of school administration. In the fall of 2019, she graduated with her Master's Degree and began applying to instructional design jobs, and went back to school to get her instructional design certification from Georgia State University. 

Since obtaining her certificate, Kate has successfully delivered online courses and trainings to a variety of clients. She has worked with companies and individuals in the tech start-up space, professional associations, small business, and insurance providers. 

Kate currently resides in Southwest Florida. When she is not creating learning experiences, Kate enjoys hanging out with friends and family, taking barre classes, and writing children's novels. Her first, Stories from Strongsville is in the publishing process. Kate also lends her talents to the Ladies of Learning podcast on Spotify. 


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