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Custodial Know How 

This learning module is an adaptation of a project I completed for a custodial association. While the work done for that specific company is covered under an non-disclosure agreement, this module attempts to recreate some of the basic content covered in the module. Protected original work and professional voiceovers have been removed. This sample utilizes the use of slide layers, markers, states and other interactive features found in Articulate Storyline.  

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Understanding Blockchain

This learning module was designed for an educational non-profit and is a sample of the full module created for this client. This sample includes digital animation examples, futuristic videos, royalty-free music, interactive features, and test questions. 

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Breast Cancer Awareness

This interactive eLearning lesson was designed to bring awareness to breast cancer and to promote breast self-examination as a form of early detection. 

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The Ultimate Sales Manager's Guide

This eLearning course is a collaborative course with John Klymshyn, the author of the sales leadership book, The Ultimate Sales Manager's Guide. This course was designed to be housed on Thinkific and includes an access paywall.

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